ImageThe Phi Beta Kappa Association of Kentuckiana, Inc., is one of 61 alumni associations in the United States; it is the only association in Kentucky. We are a group of PBK alumni from colleges and universities all across the country. Our goals are to promote liberal arts education and recognize student achievement. Membership is open to anyone who has been initiated into Phi Beta Kappa.

Most of the current members of the Association are from the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. During the academic year we present various programs, often in Louisville, although we have held programs in Southern Indiana as well. We schedule programs both at lunch and in the evening in order to enable more people to attend.

We sponsor two on-going awards programs to promote scholastic achievement in area universities and high schools. You can support these awards programs through contributions to the scholarship fund and by serving as a presenter on behalf of our Association at high school awards programs.

Many of our programs are free, such as our annual program held in conjunction with the Speed Art Museum and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Louisville. Please check the website for information on upcoming programs, and then join us for an informative and stimulating discussion!

If you are a Louisville area high school councilor and need to nominate a high school student, the page is here.