High School Book Award Nomination

Phi Beta Kappa Book Award Program

This program honors one senior from each school who has demonstrated the highest level of scholastic excellence through rigorous academic coursework as well as extra curricular activities becoming of a “citizen scholar.” At the same time, the program introduces Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest collegiate honor society and its ideals to the students at the high school level.  It is our hope that the award will encourage high school graduates to work toward scholastic excellence as they continue a broad liberal arts education.
We ask that you and your awards committee select one and only one senior as your high school’s recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Book Award.  
The primary consideration for selection should, of course, be the senior’s  academic record, but diversity of coursework and service/citizenship should also be considered.   To choose the one academic senior who is most likely to combine the ideals of scholarship and citizenship, you may take into account the candidate’s concern for social and ethical responsibility, for critical thinking and debate, and for reading and intellectual pursuits across a broad range of human concerns.
Once you have selected the recipient of the Book Award,
Please complete and submit the form below no later than  April 11. 

Phi Beta Kappa Kentuckiana High School Book Award Nomination
Gail Henson, Ph.D, Awards Coordinator
For questions, email Dr. Henson at grhenson@gmail.com or call 502-451-6010.  Nominations after April 11 will not be accepted.